According to TMZ, A$AP Rocky was reportedly jumped by a group of guys in his hotel elevator in New Zealand early Thursday morning (remember their timezone is ahead of us).

Sources say that Rocky was getting into an elevator with some girls when 3 guys tried entering as well, but Rocky wasn’t having it so told them beat it, which resulted in the guys turning on him and jumping him. TMZ reports that Rocky was trying to protect the girls in the midst of him being punched in the head & face.

Witnesses say the guys definitely knew who Rocky was too, as they could be heard yelling “Fuck A$AP” in the middle of the fight. Hotel security eventually broke up the fight until cops arrived and they arrested one suspect, a 35-year-old local who was booked for assault and resisting police.

No word yet on the severity of Rocky’s injuries, but at the moment he’s still scheduled to perform Thursday night in Auckland. So he appears to be A1.

We'll keep you posted if any more on this story surfaces.

[Update: ASAP Rocky Is Just Fine]

ASAP Rocky just took to twitter to clear the air on the “scuffle,” along with posting a picture of his face which looks to be cut-free.