A$AP Rocky has had apparel stolen from his during shows in the past, however, it usually doesn't result in the end of his show entirely. Last summer while Rocky was performing overseas, a $15,000 watch was stolen from the A$AP Mob leader, however a fan later returned it to him after causing quite the commotion. Nonetheless, Rocky told the crowd that he wasn't going to end the show just because of a stolen watch. Well, it seems that Rocky's attitude about stolen apparel and ending his shows has changed.

Once again overseas, this time in Germany, Rocky's Supreme cap "from back in the day" was stolen off his head during his live show. The rapper didn't play around, asking the crowd "Who took my shit?"

He told his fans, "I came to party with y'all, give me my hat so I can [continue]. That's a one-of-a-kind hat. We ain't gonna fuck you up, just give me my shit back."

When Rocky noticed a fan exiting the venue, he told security, "Yo, stop that guy over there from leavin'...don't let nobody leave." 

Rocky asked once more and the promoter translated what he said to the German crowd. "Yo, tell them motherfuckers to give me back my hat so we can continue to party in this motherfucker. That's a Supreme cap, man I got my shit from back in the day. Give me my shit back, man."

The Harlem native added, "It's either that, or I ain't partyin' in this mothafucka anymore."

Once the promoter translated what was being said, the crowd started chanting "bring it back," although no one would. "Nobody know nothin', huh?" Rocky asked.

Rocky kept his word, and because no one would return his cap, he would no longer party. It appears he ended the concert completely, exiting the stage and telling the concert go-ers "Germany, it's been good. Thank you; I'm out this bitch. Peace!" 

Watch the fan-made footage of the incident below.