Two weeks ago, A$AP Rocky was found guilty of assault after getting in a street fight with 19-year-old, Mustafa Jafari, in Sweden on June 30. After spending a month in jail, Rocky was allowed to return to the US while he awaited his verdict. Although he was convicted on August 14, the Swedish court did not deem the offense severe enough to warrant any jail time. Rocky was merely required to pay Jafari about $1,300 in damages, which was significantly less than what the victim had requested. Since the Harlem rapper only walked away with a suspended sentence, it was possible that the prosecutor would appeal the court's decision. 

Today, prosecutor, Daniel Suneson, did share that he thought the crime “has a somewhat higher penal value”, he accepted the court's decision overall. Suneson lost his major argument for a more punitive sentence when the court deemed that there was insufficient evidence for the claim that Rocky and his two friends had used a broken glass bottle while assaulting Jafari. Suneson said, “All three defendants have in fact been brought to justice for assault and the District Court has dismissed the plea of self-defense, something that I believe was important to clarify in this particular case.”

With the path now cleared for Rocky (if he doesn't violate his probation), we wonder what his next steps will be. We do know, however, that he has something titled "BABU$HKA BOI" on the way, for which he released a trailer.