Every year following the untimely passing of A$AP leader, A$AP Yams, the Mob have brought their friends through for their annual Yams Day celebration. This year unfortunately ended on a bad note with alleged gun shots ringing out and a brawl breaking out backstage. While concertgoers frantically left the venue, following the sounds of guns firing, many were also left disappointed they couldn't see A$AP Rocky perform his set. Following the fiasco, A$AP Rocky has issued a statement about the evening.

Rocky hit Twitter earlier today to make a statement about last night. "HAPPY YAM$ DAY 2018, THANK YOU TO ALL THE PERFORMERS THAT CAME OUT AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT CAME TO CELEBRATE THE LEGACY OF A$AP YAM$," Rocky tweeted, "GLAD EVERYBODY GOT HOME SAFE!" 

A few Twitter users felt that Rocky and the A$AP Mob should've issued refunds after the show was cut short while another user suggested Rocky could make up for it by dropping his album.

Rumors initially started floating around saying that Tekashi69 had a role in the backstage drama. Some said he had a disagreement with A$AP Bari and Casanova which led to the shooting while others said that he was beat up in the brawl. The rapper took to Instagram afterwards to confirm that he was not beat up nor shot and that he had no involvement whatsoever. 

Police later confirmed there was a "crowd control situation" during the show but no guns were fired.