In just ten days, we'll all be celebrating our favorite unofficial holiday: 4/20. Each time April 20th rolls around, you're free to fully embrace your love of marijuana, getting high to your heart's desire. The day is dedicated to weed smokers around the world and in past years, it's become a pretty big deal. Most years, artists like Wiz Khalifa will have special announcements to make on 4/20, either related to their music or otherwise. Last year, we brought you our Wake & Bake playlist, which you can revisit here. One person that isn't exactly looking forward to 4/20 this year is A$AP Rocky, who won't be celebrating in a week and a half.

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

The Harlem rapper posted a new video on Instagram, showing himself with a blunt in his mouth and a bandana on his head. Years ago, Rocky released his hit song "PMW," which lists weed as one of the things that he needs in his life. Things have seemingly changed since then and his smoking tendencies have decreased because these days, Rocky has decided to go without green for 4/20. On his new post, he wrote, "DAMN , IMMA BE HELLA LONELY THIS 420 . I MISS MARY JANE."

While creating his latest album Testing, Rocky admitted that he was under the influence of psychedelic drugs. Perhaps he'll be enjoying the day with some mushrooms instead of lighting up a joint.