It was recently announced that, next month, A$AP Rocky will be making his first return to Sweden since his arrest. On December 11, he will be performing a concert at Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. Forbes reported that Rocky shared at Summit L.A. that “most of the proceeds [from performances in Sweden] will go to inmates and prison reformation.” 

The rapper's first step towards improving the living conditions of the inmates of Kronobergshäktet - the prison where Rocky spent four weeks in custody - is donating new wardrobes. Furthermore, Rocky will be designing the clothing himself. “When I was going through my whole situation, the whole time I used to look on television and see Swedish fans showing me so much love and I want to give it back," he said at the summit. ”I’m trying to do what I can with what I can, I just want to keep creating and encouraging whoever is after me to do it better."

Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladetconfirmed that Rocky has reached out to the prison to arrange the donation. Kronobergshäktet's Detention Manager, Fredrik Wallin, told the paper that Rocky's lawyer had e-mailed him designs for green sweaters (with "PROMENVD" printed on the chest) and trousers, but the arrangement has not yet been finalized. 

Rocky was found guilty of assault in August, but the offense was not deemed severe enough to warrant more jail-time