It was only a matter of time. Ever since his return to American soil, Rocky has been moving like a man renewed. Now, the beloved Testing rapper has taken to Instagram to announce his next move: BABU$HKA BOI. Now, it's unclear whether the reveal centers around a new single, a full album, or both. Either way, it's great to see Rocky mobilizing behind some new music, especially after his last album proved to be a divisive one (though speaking personally, I rather enjoyed it). 

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Behold, the official preview of BABU$HKA BOI, which features no shortage of surreal imagery and grotesqueries. Intercut between shots of a tapdancing Flacko and several prosthetics-laden characters, the preview eventually opens up into a slick instrumental. As Russian chants fill the air, questions and answers surrounding the Babushka movement are voiced: "Why does the black boy wear a Babushka?" 

"Maybe he's a battered housewife?" wonders one delightfully realized character. "I heard it's to hide the scar on his face," says another. No matter where the truth lies, one thing is certain. Rocky is looking creatively sharp, and whatever he has in store for us is likely to impress on a variety of levels. Look for his long-awaited "Babushka" drop, coming soon.