A$AP Rocky spoke to HipHopDX about his mixtape, he identified the girl in the video for "Purple Swag," and spoke on a joint A$AP project; as well he clarified that the "Deep Purple" mixtape was not official, but created by a fan in Paris (& more). Check out excerpts below.

On The Girl In "Purple Swag":

Her name's Anna. She's from Harlem. She's 22, or she's about to be 23 if she's not 23 already. She's cool. She's fun. That's really the person she is. She does use the [word "nigga"] all the time – you know, she's cool like that. She smokes. She drinks. She's cool...she's sexy. She's cute.

She was just one of my friends. She's so crazy, her with the grilles and everything, I was  like “Yo, we need to do a video with you rapping along to the lyrics.” For “Purple Swag,” I always knew I wanted to use a girl for that part, and she just was perfect, so we used her. She just was having fun the whole time, lip syncing and shit.

On "Deep Purple":

That wasn't my project. Someone made that in France. They took all the YouTube hits and just put it on a compilation.

Like, That's when I first found out that I actually had fans, because this was done all the way in Paris. It was just crazy. I was just like “Oh my goodness, this is so good right now.” I was just so happy. There's nothing like that feeling.

On His Sound Not Being Typical To New York:

It's like it doesn't matter where you're from. I mean, look at it like this: The Spice Girls, when you hear them singing, you don't hear the British accents. They sound like Americans in my opinion, and it didn't matter that they were from Europe or London or whatever the case is. They were making great music and they were big in America, so I don't understand why America's so biased when it comes to states, like the regions.  They expect you to sound like where you were born from. I think you should sound like what you were accustomed to, you know? That's all it is.

On An A$AP Group Project:

Yeah, “Long Live A$AP.” That's like the joint with everybody on it. It's a compilation. I plan on dropping that after LiveLoveA$AP drops again, because we gonna do a deluxe version of LiveLoveA$AP. Right after that, we gonna drop the ASAP compilation with everybody on it.