"I got a couple of gray hairs growing in," says Rocky. "I'm embracing em. I'm evolving a lot. I would say I've matured throughout the years." While perhaps the silver fox look is still years in the future, the present Rocky kicks things off with a reflection on the past. Of course, the journey wouldn't have been possible without the late A$AP Yams, who proved instrumental in orchestrating Rocky's Tumblr come up. Now, after years in the game, Rocky has gone from young gun to near-OG. "There are people who grew up on A$AP," says Desus. "That just makes me feel old like you guys," says Rocky, with a laugh. 

The lighthearted tone continues throughout, but the interview is one of the most insightful I've seen in a minute, with Rocky blending insight with a laid back sense of humor. Unfortunately, information on the album is scarce; right when Rocky seems willing to share a detail, Mero interrupts the process with some antics. He did, however, promise that it would be coming A$AP, yet that's about as useful as "coming soon." Either way, you can catch up on everything we know about the project here.

Be sure to watch the full video below, especially if you're a fan of the iconic rapper. It's a hilarious watch, with Rocky spending the bulk of the video in hysterics, but there are moments of poignancy. "I thought I was going to have a baby by 25," admits Rocky. "If I lived past 25." Still, it doesn't take long to the laughter to kick back in; there are worse ways to kick off your morning.