A$AP Rocky's sophomore title acronym, A.L.L.A., was deciphered yesterday thanks to a video of Rocky spitting a verse from an album cut for GQ.

Following up that look at Rocky's photo shoot/album, GQ has released their full profile on the Jiggy Harlem spitter, where he speaks on the meaning behind A.L.L.A. Perhaps the most obvious is the fact that is references Allah, something which Rocky mentions in his explanation.

"Look at it: At.Long.Last.A$AP. A-L-L-A. Like slang for 'Allah.' It's the return of the god MC," he told the men's magazine. "I'm named after Rakim, and I'm finally facing what it means: I was born to do this shit. And I hope I get to do it for a very long time."

"I'm claiming ownership of my legacy," the Mob leader stated.

The album doesn't have a release date, but could arrive as early as the summer.