A$AP Rocky made the early morning visit to The Breakfast Club on Power 105 and discussed a bunch of topics while there. Rocky spoke on hitting up BET in what many deemed to be a dress (he says it's a baggy T), his southern-influenced sound, his recent run-in with the law, the rumors about Rihanna and Iggy Azalea and more.

A$AP Rocky said during his interview that since his recent controversy with a photographer, where he allegedly tried to steal the man's camera, he's calmed down and is doing his best to avoid problems with the law. He explained (somewhat) pleading guilty to grand larceny, saying, "they say I tried to rob...Man, I can't really talk into that, but what I can say is it costs a lot of money just to be coming to court every month for something petty as me stealing a camera, right now at this day and age, so it's like okay, yeah, whatever." He added,"that's when I calmed down for real, if you noticed, that was the last fight."

During the conversation with Power 105, the A$AP Mob leader spoke on his deal with RCA and his fellow Mob members, as well as his huge single "Fuckin Problems." He also tried to avoid questions about older rumors of him and Iggy Azalea, but he pretty much made it sound like he was never dating her.

He didn't spend very much time talking about Long.Live.A$AP, which drops January 15th, apart from the one single though.

Check out his full interview with The Breakfast Club below.