A$AP Rocky recently caught some flack when he spoke on his fashion sense, and that of Lil Wayne and Kanye West. He made the somewhat bold claim that he inspires Kanye West, as well, in the same Complex interview he said he hates the way Weezy F dresses.

While speaking to DJ Drama in Atlanta, he clarified his statements and expanded on them. "Let me really elaborate on those quotes: 'I hate the way Lil Wayne dresses sometimes': I do. The lime green ugg boot things...but that's his style. It's probably people who hate the way I dress..not a lot, but a few people. That's my style. At the end of the day, that man Lil Wayne, I'm not judging, they asked my opinion on how he dressed, they asked how I felt, all I gave them was my feedback. He got way more money than me, way more successful so I can't say nothing to that nigga, but as far as he dressing, yeah, he be tacky as hell sometimes. But that's him," A$AP Rocky explained, "Jeremy Scott told me the reason that he loves Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj so much is because they have fun with his clothes. Think about it man, Lil Wayne is living out his childhood right now...I was struggling my whole childhood I couldn't really enjoy being a kid yet, so now that I'm comfortable now I wanna relive my childhood, and that's what he doing, he picking up skateboards and stuff, I'm quite sure up in New Orleans it wasn't easy, deal or no deal. By the time he fifteen he couldn't do kiddy stuff 'cause he was bling-blinging it out doing what he saw Baby doing."

He then touched on his Kanye West comments, "Kanye inspires me, and there's no way in hell you can tell me I don't inspire Kanye. I'm not too good to say Kanye inspires me. Everybody as an artist could look at it as a competition but it's just clothes."

Watch the interview below. A$AP Rocky also speaks on his single "Fuckin' Problem," and his debut album.