Last week, it was announced that Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg was making a foray into the late night hosting game with his own Complex series Open Late. As it happens, last night marked the inaugural episode, which featured appearances from A$AP Rocky and Rich The Kid. While Rich is currently enjoying the success of his The World Is Yours album, A$AP's upcoming album has remained a coveted product amidst the hip-hop community. As such, all knowledge about the mysterious project is welcome. Luckily, A$AP opened up about his mentality vis-a-vis the album, albeit rather coyly (kicking off around 28:40).

"I'm experimenting in a more calculated way. I'm trying to make sure that I take precaution to where I'm not just drawing out of the lines all crazy, mixing my colors," says A$AP. "I'm still trying to give you a beautiful canvas, but something different. I want to take a different approach, and I want to challenge the viewer who is tired of hearing the same old shit. You know, this shit is a cliché at this point."

"This is going to be an amazing fucking album and I'm going to hopefully change a bunch of people's lives again," he continues. "Hopefully people will make better music and influence me to make even better music." From the sound of it, A$AP is truly bringing his A-Game this time around; that's not to say his discography isn't respectable, but it still feels like the door to his magnum opus remains open. While we're still waiting with bated breath for any real news on the project, we have amassed a list of everything we know about the album. Be sure to familiarize yourself with A$AP's latest through our extensive guide here.