If you've seen any concert footage from an A$AP Rocky show in the past two years, you've probably seen the rapper's collection of bra and panties. It's a rockstar tradition that Rocky isn't letting die out as long as he's still touring the world. This past weekend was no different as the rapper touched down at Rolling Loud Los Angeles as a headlining act. While bras and panties were thrown on stage, the rapper did receive an unwelcomed surprise.

Although A$AP Rocky shows might be a party, it appears as though one fan got white boy wasted. At one point during the concert, Rocky, for some reason, picked up a pair of boxers that were thrown on stage before going into an aggravated rant about the individual who decided to go commando.

"I don't know which one of you mothafuckas threw this up here. Y'all n***as don't be throwing no boxer briefs up here. I only want panties and bras, n***a. Y'all n***as out of line," he said. "Nasty n***a, man. Somebody in commando right now. Why the fuck you threw your drawers on stage, you fuckin' maniac?"

In related news, the rapper returned to Sweden last week for his first performance since his incarceration in the country. Although he didn't get the chance to perform for the inmates like he wanted to, he did get a chance to hang out with fans.