A$AP Rocky has become a huge success and a short amount of time, and he plans to continue to run the rap game (as if it were 1993) in 2013.

While talking to MTV News, the A$AP Mob leader discusses his goals for the rap game. Rocky explains, "We gotta hold it down for the young cats man. My thing is, I just want to make everybody who enjoys music and art and hip-hop music proud," he said of his musical and artistic goals. "That's all I want to do. I don't want y'all to say this guy is misrepresenting us or he's giving it a bad name. I just want to represent hip-hop well and I want to show you guys my aspect on what I think hip-hop should be."  

Rocky says part of his success is due to his innovation with music, like those veteran rappers before him who took chances. "That's why all my videos are, I guess I want to say, different than your standard hip-hop video," he said. "That's why all of my lyrics and my production choices and just my rapping scheme and patterns are different than your average artist because I'm an innovator."

The Harlem native says of less capable rappers in the year 2013, "I'm like anti-bandwagon. That's what I'm running with for 2013 and I'm gonna show these guys how to step it up," he said. "If they gonna be competing against me, man, they're gonna have to get it together."

Although his album, Long.Live.A$AP leaked early, you can purchase it on January 15th. Check out all the lyrics for the LP via GotBars.Com.