Fans have been waiting for a debut album from the lead Mob member, A$AP Rocky, for some time now. The studio album, titled LongLiveA$AP, was originally supposed to drop in September, and then it was pushed back til October.

It has once again been delayed, as we all know, but now in a recent interview with The Charlotte Observer (via HHDX), Rocky says that the album has actually been finished for some time now. The delay, he says, isn't because he's tweaking the album, but because he's growing his buzz more.

"Secretly this album has been done, honestly, for the past couple of months. My buzz has been growing rapidly, but I’ve secretly done all these amazing things a long time ago," Rocky said.

The "amazing things" he's referring to include collaborating with big-time hip-hop stars, but Rocky says those collabos don't happen because of his buzz: "People like to work with me because I’m eclectic and I care about the craft. It’s a true collaboration based on chemistry, not based on buzz."

A$AP Rocky's "buzz" has resulted in some beef against him, particularly his past collaborator SpaceGhostPurrp. SGP and crew started an altercation at A$AP Rocky's show in Miami the other night, resulting in the Raider Klan rapper's detainment by the police.

No new release date has yet been revealed for LongLiveA$AP, so stay tuned.