Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky appear to be the best of friends. Frequently collaborating and generally spending time together as buddies, the two have gotten along for a while. Rocky thought he was immune to Tyler's trolling. He may have believed he was safe. But alas, Tyler struck in the comments to A$AP Rocky's latest Instagram post. The duo traded good-natured "shots" at each other as Rocky continued to tease the crash-test dummy theme for his upcoming project. Posting a photo of a Mercedes-Benz logo, along with a caption of the rumored upcoming album's name "Testing," Rocky added his own personal touch to the image, coloring in the yellow and black crash test colors.

Creeping in the comments was Tyler, The Creator, jokingly writing "NO ONE CARES." We can confirm that many people care about Rocky's future projects with nearly every comment asking him to drop it right away. However, the Harlem rapper got "in his feelings" over the whole ordeal, snapping hard at his friend. Lord Flacko replied to the post, writing, "GET YO DIRTY ASS OUT MY COMMENTS B4 I TELL N---AS HOW I WROTE YA WHOLE LAST ALBUM AND AINT GET NO CREDITS." Tyler and Rocky were both especially quick in playfully lunging at each other, and albeit their possible misleading exchange, the two are undoubtedly having fun and simply clowning each other in the name of fun.

Are you hoping for a Tyler feature on Rocky's upcoming album? What are your thoughts on the album rollout thus far and when do you think we can expect the next A$AP Rocky album?