When discussing with Noisey.com, who would appear on his anticipated album LongLiveA$AP, Rocky confirmed that his cut with Lana Del Rey would be on there as well as appearances from Waka Flocka and Pharrell. “Yeah, Flocka’s on there, Pharrell’s on there but that’s all I can really announce right now. I can tell you, but not here with this conversation being in the press right now." 

A$AP also discussed his purely professional relationship with the songstress, Del Rey, "Nah, we just cool. I don’t look at her like that no more. I used to wanna do her, I used to wanna bone her but after this video I don’t like her like that no more, I just think she’s cool, know what I’m sayin?"

According to the rapper, the single "Ridin" featuring him and Lana Del Rey will be featured on the album, but will be renamed, "Yeah, she’s gonna be on the song “My Bitch.” It was gonna be called “Ridin',” but it’s actually “My Bitch.” 

is set for release September 11th.  Check out his single with Lana Del Rey here.