If you're a fan of the A$AP Mob on any level, we know that it's been a very good month for you. The Mob set aside August to drop not one, but three separate projects throughout the month. We've received A$AP Twelvyy's highly-anticipated debut studio album, we got A$AP Ferg's Still Striving mixtape and to cap the month off, we also received A$AP Mob's Cozy Tapes Vol. 2  this past Friday. It's safe to say there's definitely no shortage of content from the Mob right now. However, with the month coming to an end in the next few days, A$AP Rocky has just confirmed that he will be dropping his third studio album before the end of the year.

The Mob was recently interviewed by Complex about their new compilation record. While the interview was mainly directed at the Mob as a whole, eventually they were asked when Rocky's next solo album was coming. His response was very simple: "A.S.A.P. It's about to drop." The interviewer follows up by asking if it'll drop before the end of the year and Rocky hits him back with, "For sure. For sure."

That's pretty much all the information he gave away about the project in the interview. However, it seems that with all these short notice/surprise releases that have been doing, it's likely that we could get a new Rocky album much sooner than anticipated. His last album A.L.L.A, really took people by storm so it'll be very interesting to hear how he ends up re-inventing his sound on his upcoming project.

During the same interview he said about A.L.L.A, "It was ahead of its time. That was abnormal then, but in the near future, now in the present, it's going to be normal, trust me."

A$AP Ant followed Rocky's statement with "It's about creating waves and leaving the waves sometimes."

The A$AP Mob have constantly been one of the most influential groups in modern hip hop and their reach goes past music. While each member of the Mob has proven to be strong members on their own, the chemistry that they have together proves to be just as strong.

Read the full interview with the Mob here.