A$AP Rocky has been one of the first big names in the game to endorse Lil Uzi Vert, and that praise speaks volumes. In a recent article for Billboard, the Harlem rapper made a comparison between Uzi and the NOLA god Weezy F Baby. To be precise, Rocky said, "His style, his approach and his voice - I don’t think I’ve heard somebody as raspy since [Lil] Wayne."

Those is some big words coming from the pretty one. That being said, despite Uzi's immense buzz, we're not sure Lil Wayne even knows who Uzi is. We imagine if you're neglecting Uzi's existence now, the Philly rapper's gonna become really hard to ignore in the coming months. Mans is bout to blow fr fr.

Back in October, Rocky and Uzi both featured on A$AP Ferg's "New Level (Remix)." You can bump that at your leisure below.