The run up to a new album release from A$AP Rocky is in full swing, as he's been dropping singles left and right and just dropped a new video for "A$AP Forever", which he recently debuted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Now we've received yet another cryptic hint as to the contents of Rocky's album, this time from producer, Clams Casino.

Clams posted a photo on Instagram that's seemingly innocuous; a back door in an alley way with a carpet on the floor. However, looking at the walls of the building, one can see the testing dummy logo that Rocky has been using in his single art and promotions for his album. 

We can't be sure exactly what all of this means, but the one thing the photo strongly hints at is a potential collaboration between Rocky and Clams on his new album.

Those of you who are caught up on your A$AP Rocky lore are very familiar with Clams Casino. The New Jersey producer got his start producing tracks for rappers such as Lil B, and specializes in slowed down, dreamlike production. It was his production that defined much of Rocky's early sound, producing five of the tracks on Rocky's debut mixtape Live.Love.A$AP. He continued to produce for Rocky on his follow up album, but was absent for Rocky's last release, At.Long.Last.A$AP

If Clams is on the album, as the photo strongly suggests, then that's even more of a reason to get excited about it's release. Whenever that might be.