For the last month, we've been dealing with conflicting reports regarding A$AP Rocky's current situation in Sweden. His musical peers have stood behind him and the most powerful forces in the United States have tried to help him out. President Donald Trump took Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's advice, hopping on a call with the Swedish government and informing people that he's working to get Rocky back to America. The rapper was arrested for assault and late last night, it was reported that he would formally be charged and is facing two years in prison. This comes after he's already wasted several weeks away in a jail cell. Though his living conditions are reportedly better than initially reported, everybody is still understandably bummed that Rocky was charged and fans have been reacting in some pretty extreme ways.

Francois Durand/Getty Images

There will always be those who say that A$AP Rocky deserves the consequences that he's now facing and, in their defence, he probably should just have let his security handle the issue for him. Because of his violent actions, some people believe that Sweden is looking to make an example out of Rocky, keeping him for as long as possible just to send a message. We will continue to update you with anything pertinent to the artist's case and upcoming trial. For now though, take a look at some of the most potent reactions below and let us know how you're feeling in the comments.