Earlier this summer, some footage surfaced which seemingly depicted ASAP Rocky slapping a female fan at a show in Australia. Today, an assault charge was filed against Rocky - for an unrelated, but very similar incident.

The accusations come from a young mother in Philadelphia, who attended the Made In America festival this weekend. According to the woman, Rocky was making his way through the crowd during his performance, but was stopped when a few fans began to pull on his shirt. Apparently the rapper then turned around and slapped the victim in the face - again, very much resembling the footage from July.

The girl says that she suffered whiplash from the strike, and upon reviewing the case, the D.A. has charged Rocky with misdemeanor simple assault.

The rapper has yet to comment on the charges.

[Update: Rocky Barred From Show]

A$AP Rocky was scheduled to perform at Toronto's York University next Wednesday, but will not be allowed to do so until the "slapping" charges are dealt with.

The school's student federation has stated that "the event cannot proceed until this matter is resolved," but has insisted that their barring of the rapper is not an indication that he's guilty.

Rocky has still yet to comment on the incident.

[Update: Rocky Avoids Charges]

As reported by the unconquerable TMZ, it seems Basquiat Picasso has avoided charges for the alleged slapping of a female fan - for the time being, at least.

Because the Jakes didn't witness the misdemeanour offence, the plaintiff was forced to file a private criminal complaint with the D.A., which included providing contact info for the assailant. The documents were sent to A$AP's label by snail mail, but because he wasn't there to sign for them, they were returned to sender. The D.A.'s Office apparently can't move forward until she provides a "viable address" where Lord Flacko can be served with harassment and assault charges directly. 

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