Last Wednesday, Rocky shared a new record from Playboi Carti, a promising new member of the A$AP team, as well as the video to A$AP Twelvyy's new single, "L.Y.B.B." -- both via Twitter. The words "Wavy Wednesday" were included in both tweets, and Rocky has just revealed that every Wednesday in the foreseeable future -- presumably up until the release of the Cozy Boys Tape Vol. 1 -- will indeed be a wavy one. 

Rocky was part of a Twitter Q&A in promotion of the upcoming Grammy Awards this afternoon, and one fan asked the Mob leader, "When will we have new music?" Flacko's response: "WE PUTTING OUT NEW MUSIC EVERY WEDNESDAYS....WAVY WEDNESDAY'S."

The term "wavy" has been scrutinized lately, due to the controversy that ensued when Kanye decided to change the title of his album from SWISH to WAVES, before altering it once more to the present (and final) title, The Life of Pablo. In this case, the late, great Yams is a revered disciple of Max B, and the Mob is well aware of the legacy of Wavy Crockett. Let the wave commence.  

Who's excited for plenty of new music from the Mob in 2016?