A$AP Rocky has been holding it down on the Injured Generation tour, amassing himself a respectable brassiere collection in the process. For the most part, there are many who still consider Rocky among the elite-tier, having come of age during a time of fruitful artistic splendor. An integral contributor to the "mixtape era," Rocky has admittedly deviated from the expected course, opting to march to the beat of his own, increasingly experimental drum beat. Still Rocky's fanbase is unyielding in their loyalty, and the man's pull remains something to behold.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Case in point, Rocky surprised legions of Los Angeles fans last night, when be brought Drake on stage for an unexpected appearance. As the shrieking applause reached feverish heights, Drizzy engaged in a spirited rendition of "Nonstop," while Flacko provided ad-libs and morale-boosting dance moves. The pair proceeded to hug-it-out to the delight of the audience, before Drizzy kicked off his "Sicko Mode" verse. Sadly, the pair didn't hold it down for "Fuckin Problems," but suffice it to say, the fans didn't seem to mind. Peep the footage below.