A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown came that much closer to their shared dream of banging Kathy Griffin last night, appearing on the comedian's Bravo talk show.

The two rappers first expressed interest in the lady while doing a segment for Noisey's "Back & Forth," and soon Kathy had responded to the two, and invited them to visit her talk show, "Kathy."

During the episode, the three played a game of sexual die, where two die would be rolled, one indicating a body part, and one an action to be performed on said body part. A$AP Rocky was lucky enough to roll "suck" and "breast" so he proceeded to plant his face on Kathy's breast.

The two rappers also sat beside Russell Brand, a fellow guest on the show, and discussed the possibility of having kids, and the possibility of having sex with Griffin.

Check out two clips from the show below.