After delaying the album because he was putting the finishing touches on it, and then delaying it further to clear samples, A$AP Rocky's debut LP was finally ready for its release in January.  Unfortunately for the Harlem rapper, a copy of the album leaked almost a month before the release date, and now Rocky gives his reaction to fans getting a ripped version, and he also talks about the importance of having each member of the A$AP Mob shine independently.  

In an interview with Miss Info, Pretty Flacko says he is not stressed about the leak as the business side if not his job, and is actually just thankful to the fans who are hotly anticipating the album's release.  "I've been waiting for people to hear this music for so damn long.  Of course I've gotta be a businessman, but before anything I'm an artist. The album leaked, and I'ma leave it up to my dependable label, which I rely on to fix all that," Rocky goes onto add, "That's the business aspect. I made my art, y'all love it, and that's all I care about, and I just wanna thank everybody who was anticipating this."

Discussing his A$AP Mob crew, A$AP Rocky says he had always planned to have each member of the crew "shine individually" saying "That's what I wanted from the jump.  I wanted everybody to shine individually. I just wanted it to be organic." He goes onto add, "We all came up together, and everybody had individual talent. It's not just me. Anybody could tell you, walking up and down these streets."

[Via HHDX]