Fashion is known for its rigorous rules; something is either in or out. However, rules are meant to be broken. In the March 2018 issue of GQ, A$AP Nast joins model, Ganna Bogdan for a piece titled, "Welcome to the No-Rules Era of American Style." The two style icons are being celebrated for their unique fashion choices that are said to clash.

Writer, Will Welch details how the times have changes during his years with the publication. "When I started working at GQ back in 2007, we were trying to get every man in America to wear slim-fit plain-front pants. Full stop. But now you can wear baggy double-pleated cords on a Monday, skinny black jeans on a Tuesday, and high-waisted Fred Astaire trousers on a Wednesday." However, the fashion-based magazine is applauding Nast and Bogdan for their rule-breaking. Their bold choices have garnered them respect in the fashion world.

Throughout the article, Nast is shown in stylish pieces from Fendi, Lacoste, and New Balance, among other brands. The piece also features cool 3D images, giving us a closer look at the styled celebs. If you're partial to physical copies, you can commemorate A$AP Nast and Ganna Nogdan's appearances with this month's issue.

[via GQ]