A$Ap Ferg was the bearer of good news less than 15 hours ago when he jumped on Instagram to hype up The Mob's re-emergence. He didn't outline any specific details, outside what is in essence, a subtle reminder the collective still exists. The post in question contains an image of him and Rocky wearing matching outfits: yellow truckers, bomber jackets, Nikes, light denim, nothing too crazy.

Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

And yet, the image is but thumbnail drawing attention to the caption to its right. "We got so much shit we bout to drop on your head tops," A$AP Ferg wrote. "Music on top of music Y'all have waited long enough."

Ferg ain't lying. The last time the A$AP Mob finalized a proper group project, encompassing every member of the fold, it was on August 25, 2017, two months removed from distancing itself from Bari's transgressions, and well before A$AP Ant ejected himself from the cabin. 

Before that, the Mob produced the first of two Cozy Tapes in October, 2016, nearly one year before the second tape came into existence - none of which accounts for the lightly regarded mixtape they published in 2012. How would you like this forthcoming A$AP Mob rollout to play out, hit us with your thoughts?