A$AP Ferg has teamed up with Fancy and NIGHT : SHIFT. to produce a Harlem pop-up shop this weekend. The pop-up, scheduled for 12-8PM Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3 at 282 St. Nicholas Ave, has been designed to resemble Ferg's own apartment and will feature new duvet covers, bean bag chairs, throw pillows, blankets, bath towels, robes, mugs and more designed by Traplord and NIGHT : SHIFT.

Earlier this week, Ferg hopped on the phone with HNHH to discuss the pop-up shop, his upcoming project Still Striving, and his "Nobody Safe" tour with Future, Migos, and Tory Lanez. (The tour runs through late June: buy tickets here.)

The following transcript has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. 


Do you see much of Future, Tory, and the Migos during the tour?

I see the guys, but it depends on the day. We all got crazy schedules, or are going to do separate shows, or we’ve got to do individual things or whatever it is we’ve got going on. But for the most part I do see the guys, in the afternoon probably playing basketball outside or eating lunch. They really be playing basketball for money.

Usually we have a spot, a room that everybody hangs out at after the show, just to kind of like gather up and just cool out with each other. That's when I usually see the guys. I don’t see Future most of the time until I get off stage. He comes in when it’s time to perform. 

What’s on your rider?

I have two salmon dinners, with vegetables, I have a bottle of Hennessy, a bottle of champagne, some chips, Gatorade, water. I have ginger ale, because my uncle likes ginger ale. I have peanut butter and jelly. I still have ramen noodles on there, too.

Let’s talk about your pop-up shop. How did you link up with Fancy? 

It was pretty much Fancy’s idea. They’ve always been doing pop-ups, but they approached me to work with me and I took it because their demographic is huge and I like the way they curate their website. They’re fire.

We came up with a product. Trap Lord rugs was the first venture that we did together, and it sold so good that we was thinking our next project could be together, and we thought about home goods. We’re expanding the rugs, we’re going into beanie bags, pillows, comforter sets, clocks, and candles. We also have a new style of rugs that we’re gonna be selling at the pop up shop.

It was their idea to do a pop-up shop, but it was mine to do it in Harlem, to really embody the crib that I grew up in. So we’ve got the whole pop-up shop set up like an apartment where you have the bed, you have the rug, you have the clock, and the candles everywhere, so you can actually feel like you're walking in my crib. 

What's your favorite Trap Lord apparel item?

I would have to say the rug. Another favorite of mine is the scented candles. If you can’t get the clothes to work, you can represent from your home or you can have a candle at your office. You can represent from there.

Have you had a chance to listen to any new music this year? What are some of your favorite projects?

I like J.I.D. I like that kid a lot, I got a chance to meet him at a show. I liked Kendrick's album. He never like fails us. And who else? Drake had a good album, Rick Ross had a good album. Those are a lot of the people I’ve been listening to. Carti got a dope song, his mixtape is just dope. There's a lot of good music coming out this year.

Were you able to do anything for Mother’s Day while on tour?

I couldn’t, so I sent my mom a big package. came back to the city for like two days off, and I chilled with her when I got back.

The tour wraps up in late June. What are your plans for the summer?

More videos, more music. Still Striving  is going to be dropped shortly after tour or even while I'm on tour, but I’m definitely dropping new music soon. I already have the videos ready to drop.

Is the tracklist finalized?

It’s not, I’m still recording actually. The mixtape is done and we’re going through the process of clearing records. There are songs that I know are going to be going on there. Yesterday, I had this new song I recorded and I was like, ‘It’s got to go on there.’ So I’ve got to figure it out.