ASAP Ferg is getting ready to drop his sophomore album at the top of 2016, and from the sounds of his new interview with MTV, it's bound to be something special. 

"Early January you're gonna get a HUGE smash song called 'New Levels' with Future," said Ferg, promising the song will drop after we get to see the "Thought It Was A Drought" video he directed. 

He also revealed what it was like to record with 40, something not very many people outside of Drake have the privilege of doing (and for a week at that!). “They’re like scientists over there," he said. "He has the fully quipped studio [with] like three doors to get to the studio, big crazy loud speakers that don’t hurt your ears. He’s great on the technical side of things, very strategic, nothing is done by mistake. We were trying to create ear candy. Something that feels good, but still feels innovate and not generic."

He also names Pharrell, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Mustard, Clams Casino, and DJ Khalil as collaborators on new material, revealing that Khalil brought the whole project together, serving as something of an executive producer -- which included bringing violinists and opera singers in. It sounds insane and we're more excited than ever.

Watch the whole interview below.