The last rapper who took the infamous "Hot Ones" challenge was Vince Staples, who somehow managed to remain composed enough to deliver his signature brand of unflinching dry wit. Now, A$AP Ferg steps off on the hot seat, who has most recently experienced fire in the form of Ski Mask The Slump God collaboration "ILoveYourAunt." The question is, can he handle the increasingly spicy hot sauces without losing his composure? While nobody wants to see the ever-affable Ferg in pain, as Vince Staples once said before his own attempt, "if you die off of the wings, you a bitch."

Ferg sets the interview off with a cool anecdote about "Nandos," reflecting on the first time he ever flew on a private jet and finding some Nandos chicken waiting for him. Clearly, the meal was an inspiring one. As is often the case with "Hot Ones" interviews, the vibe is jovial, informative and entertaining, as the artists tend to be at ease throughout. At least, mentally.

Over the course of twenty-two minutes, Ferg channels the designer he once aspired to be with a few fashion tips, including questioning Playboi Carti's recent attempt to bring back Doc Martins. As the Scoville levels increase, Ferg begins to sweat into what's hopefully an absorbent du-rag. The music goes tense as Ferg chokes out "I'm crying right now. My nose is running. I feel like a kid."

He goes on to rank the top three "du-rag" sporting rappers, giving himself first place, Ja Rule second, and Spooky Black third. By now, Ferg is pretty much terrified by the remaining wings, admitting that he's even afraid to lick the top of his teeth. As much as we commiserate with him, you can't really help but laugh. 

Check out the hilarious interview below, and be sure to keep an eye out for Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy, which drops tomorrow.