A$AP Ferg is gearing up for a performance at Peter Rosenberg's birthday festivities, aka Peterpalooza, later tonight. Leading up to the event, he stopped by the Hot 97 morning show to chop it up with Ebro, Peter and Laura Stylez.

The conversation quickly kicks off with discussion on Kendrick Lamar, leading into a discussion of who is the hottest right now-- although Jay Z is in the debate, Fergie Ferg names K. Dot. 

"I love it," A$AP Ferg says of Kendrick's new album. The jiggy Harlem rapper went on to explain exactly what elements he appreciates in his colleague and friend. "Man, there's a bunch of things I love about Kendrick. For the simple fact, one of the first tours I went on was with Kendrick and Drake and the whole Mob, so I've watched his elevation and growth. I like the way he move, he's very militant, very about the art, it doesn't seem like he conforms much. Every time I see him, it's about the art, it's not about his internal life or what's going on outside of art, and I appreciate that."

"These type of artists that reach these pinnacles of successes, they all have the same traits," Ferg adds, citing "that militant aura, and they take themselves very serious." 

Towards the end of the almost-30-minute sit-down, Ferg briefly addresses the recent situation that transpired with A$AP Bari, caught on camera-- Bari seemingly sexually assaulting a naked woman in his hotel room.

"Yeah I know about it, it's a touchy story. It's unfortunate, and I'd rather leave it like that."

Check out the full interview with Hot 97 below.