It was just a little over a year ago when A$AP Ferg dropped his solo debut, Trap Lord, and brought the gems that are "Hood Pope," "Murder Something" and "Shabba" (along with 10 other dope tracks) to the world. Now, it's apparent that Fergenstein's been crafting a follow-up, and as of today, he says it's "almost done."

Ferg recently caught up with XXL, who interviewed him about the album's status. He said:

“It’s almost done. I’m just tweaking it right now. I just want to get it in with a couple of more producers that I love, and it seems like the further I get into it I’m just trying to squeeze more magic out of it. So I think I’m just gonna keep going until the label tells me I can’t go on anymore, honestly.”

He didn't give an affirmative or negative reponse to a question about whether Diplo and Skrillex were those producers, but he did give a few hints about the character of the project:

"I can definitely tell you it’s going to be crazy and it’s the new Ferg; it’s not A$AP Ferg, it’s not Trap Lord, it’s Ferg and I’m giving my all and I’m going in. I’m going in deep, like I’m telling true stories and it’s gonna be crazy.”

Y'all ready?