While J. Prince and Kanye West have officially called off the feud between Drake and Pusha T, there's no doubt that the week of back and forths between he two will go down as one of the best rap beefs to happen in recent times. For many people who grew up on music from the early 90's, watching two competent rappers roast each other on wax was a reminder of hip hop's essence. A$AP Ferg recently spoke said to Whoo Kid that the two of them resurrected classic rap beefs.

In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, A$AP Ferg spoke on his appreciation for the beef between Drake and Push. He explained that it's something that was missing from the game for a while, especially in an era where artists are concerned with airing each other out on social media.

"I love that shit. We need that shit. We need that shit because I'm gettin' a feelin' that like when Nas said hip hop was dead, he was on to something. At first, we was like 'you wildin',' this that and the third but he foreseen it." Ferg explained, "with a lot of the stupid stuff that's coming out or the wack shit that's coming out, we're losing the art of lyricism and just being able to be witty with words. What happened to that?"

He further explained that rapper's aren't using their pen to really produce clever raps or anything that will make you think.

"What about being sharp on your feet, having an IQ? What about reading a book so you can have more shit to talk about?" He said. "I think that was being lost and then Pusha and Drake, they resurrected it. They sound like classy n*ggas going at it."

Despite the beef being squashed, Ferg is still waiting on Drake's response. It will likely never see the light of day but like the rest of us, Ferg was enjoying the back and forth between the two emcees.

Peep the interview below.