A$AP Ferg, a self-professed workaholic, will be the first to admit he's a perfectionist, meticulous with every last nuance of his craft. It goes without saying that his ambition and talent have paid dividends for the Harlem rapper and A$AP Mob member. When we caught up with A$AP at SXSW, decked out in a Princess Diana shirt and Evel Knievel pants, the rapper seemed to be enjoying the ride that is 2017. 

"The vibe for this year is just jiggy," says Ferg, with a smile. "I'm letting 2017 have it with the music, the fashion, the art. I'm living every day like it's my last." He opened up about his creative process, touching on his changing attitude toward releasing music. "I would take my time curating things, making sure it's nice and perfect. I realize my fans sometimes appreciate that shit but alot of times they just want the art. They not seeing all things and the nooks and crannies I pay attention to, that I'm so meticulous about. Sometimes you just gotta put that shit out and go off the raw feeling."

It's evident that Ferg is operating on an elevated creative plane, and he sheds some light on the conceptual background behind Always Strive And Prosper. "I wanted to tell the story of Ferg, not A$AP Ferg. The trials and tribulations, the obstacles that Ferg went through to become A$AP Ferg." He then revealed that Still Strivin' would be a continuation of that same narrative. 

With the Nobody Safe tour coming next month, Ferg sheds some light about going on the road with Future. "Future's just a good guy. He's a workaholic like me, so I plan on going to the studio with him and creating some music as well." 

The conversation turns to his attire, and Ferg drops heaps of praise on Princess Diana, forever immortalized on his shirt. "She was going to Africa and doing all the dope shit, like feeding the kids. She was sorta like a hood pope, kinda, I respect her shit."

Keep a lookout for the Nobody Safe tour, featuring a serious lineup of hard hitters - Future, Ferg, Migos, and more. For some brand new Ferg, check out the Remy Ma assisted cut from Still Strivin"East Coast."