A score of well known artists are being subjected to hip hop's lone magician. What makes "Smoothini the Ghetto Houdini" a namesake familiar with hip hop audiences is his come up in New York City. The idea of hip hop becoming a social grouping theory is every bit important when it came to branding his show and delivery his act of deception. His unlikely choice of magic against the backdrop of normal activities didn't create a dissociation between he and his community. In fact, he specifically uses hip hop as a selling point, because the community has accepted him with open arms, as one of their own. 

On July 17, Fuse will premiere Hip Hop Houdini as part of its summer programming. The series will follow Smoothini as he shocks special invited guests with his trickery. Notable hip hop artists such as  Iggy AzaleaA$AP FergWaka Flocka Flame, Fat Joe and Lil Jon will be filmed taking in his antics. Smoothini told XXL, that since he and rappers were from the same general area, "it didn't even feel like performing for a celebrity. But more like one of the guys from around my way." XXL mentioned a clip in which Smoothini tricks A$AP Ferg into speaking on his hit single "Black Widow," only to produce a deadly spider moments later.