Having both completed full-length projects in recent weeks, A$AP Ferg and Chance The Rapper were in rare form when the opportunity arose for them to flex their chops on Sway in the Morning. As the narrative went, Ferg was in the studio recording with Sway when Chance The Rapper and his entourage entered the establishment for reasons unknown.

Right away, Ferg had the bright idea of putting Chance to work, in a two-person freestyle session with an episodic storytelling arc. "We got the richest n---as in Chicago in here right now," Ferg said upon seeing Chance in the building. He then suggested they do the aforementioned freestyle, to which Chance The Rapper responded. "I'm so ready for that, let's do it."

Chance and Ferg's interplay went as well as one would expect, with the Harlemite repping everything from his father D-Ferg to veteran battle rapper Murda Mook, himself a product of Harlem, NY.

"That was before you was listening to gospel music," Ferg rapped, hoping to incite his partner into a lyrical rapture . "And that was when you used to be rockin' to it, on the tour bus."
"I'm married now/Don't get carried now, don't get carried away," Chance interjected in full-swing. "I got the ring, shout out to my bae."

Check out both freestyle rounds in the above video, as well as Ferg's dolo interview with Sway - before Chance The Rapper entered the frame. Listen to Floor Seats here.