It's now been almost a month since L.O.R.D., A$AP Mob's debut album, was expected to drop. HipHopDX recently sat down with A$AP Ferg and A$AP Nast to talk about A$AP Mob's popularity, their '90s influences, and most importantly, the group's delayed album. Speaking on the album, which was scheduled to drop on March 4th, Nast said: 

"It's coming soon. We just basically wanted to give people an official album and give people real work. So what we did was take our time with this album really give people bangers, and really give the fans what they deserve from us. That's the reason why the dates have been pushed back and everyone's wondering what's up with the album. The album is coming soon. I'm not gonna give you a date, but you gotta wait for greatness, and that's just the way life is."

Ferg agreed, adding: 

"I can say this A$AP Mob album is a cohesive thing—we were all in the studio together, and you're gonna feel the vibes from that shit. We all grew up. We're all leaders, and we all got our own followings now. So you can feel the reflection of that through the music, and that's where I'm gonna leave it at. L.O.R.D. is the shit, it will be out ASAP…A$AP."

Earlier on in the interview, Nast talked about his debut single, "Trillmatic," and Ferg said he "bridged the gap between the hippies and the hood niggas." Read it all over at HipHopDX, and watch a video excerpt below.