The much-maligned co-founder of the A$AP Mob is back in the headlines, for all the wrong reasons. According to TMZ, A$AP Bari is facing another 2 felonies, totaling 7 criminal charges over a drug bust that was first reported back in November of last year.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

As initially reported, A$AP Bari was able to secure his release on a $25,000 bond after Pennsylvania was arrested on the suspicion he was guilty of manufacturing, delivering, and/or possessing illegal substances, with the possible intent to distribute. The new charges only thicken the plot for Bari, whom I suspect was hoping the distribution charges would be diminished to a minor infraction - turns out, Bari was far more entrenched than authorities had ever thought imaginable.

Back in November, once Bari was transported to the Palmer Township precinct for his booking, they found three additional tins of marijuana, to go along with the existing 24 they'd already procured from his Mercedes-Benz, during the initial stop and search mission - news of which superseded his plausible "exoneration" in the highly-publicized sexual assault. Last August, Bari's record was swiped clean, on the condition that he plead guilty, paid a court-ordered fine, and respected the conditions of a restraining put forward by the victim in the case.