UPDATE: It would appear that Bari will be avoiding jail time, though he will have to pay a $5,000 fine, as well as an additional $3,150 to the victim. TMZ reports that the judge expressed concern about his behavior, stating "the court does have concerns in this matter because it has exposed a very unpleasant attitude by you towards women. You say that you were angry but there is no need to ever be so abusive and humiliating to a female." 

Last July, a graphic video surfaced revealing A$AP Bari displaying some disturbing behavior in a hotel room. In the clip, Bari was seen entering a room and standing over a naked couple. "The fuck is in there, the fuck is you two doing?” he asks, before tearing off the covers despite the woman's repeated pleas for him to stop. As she attempts to flee to the bathroom in tears, completely naked, Bari displays a shocking last of empathy. "You fucked my assistant, now you suck my dick," he says, before telling her to "shut the fuck up, bitch." The video has since been removed.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Though Bari claimed to have settled the manner amicably, the A$AP Mob member has since stood trial nonetheless. Yesterday, Bari took to a London courtroom to face the music, where he proceeded to issue a guilty plea in one case of sexual assault. The severity of the consequences are as of yet unclear.

After the incident originally occurred, Bari issued a statement claiming the clip was "misleading," stating that "[he and the woman] were friends before this and will remain friends afterwards." Keep posted on any further developments.