A$AP Rocky is out of prison in Sweden but apparently, he's now being sought after by the American government. Not for any crimes but for a lack of a co-sign. You see, with the presidential elections on the way, Trump's admin thought that helping A$AP Rocky get out of prison in Sweden would essentially be a good look for them. Although it didn't seem to work initially, it appeared as though Trump's phone call to the Swedish PM may have helped Rocky get released in jail and come home later. And all they were asking for was thank you.

Brian Ach/Getty Images

Pastor Darrell Scott, who was part of Trump's transition team and board member of National Diversity Coalition for Trump, slammed A$AP Rocky and his team who he claimed essentially ghosted them after coming home. Scott called them "ungrateful motherfuckers" who couldn't give them a phone call or a thank you. While Rocky's yet to officially respond to these claims, a member of the A$AP Mob chimed in with a comedic take.

"Gingerbread man," he wrote in a tweet that quoted the article. "catch A$AP if you can," he added with a peace sign and running emojis.

Scott said that there were no conditions to having Trump reach out on his behalf except for a simple thank you and some gratitude. Well, like many Republicans found out in recent times, you don't always get what you ask for.