On January 11th, A$AP Ant took to Twitter to announce he'd gone solo, driving fans to question the implications. Every member of the A$AP Mob is generally afforded a fair amount of anonymity, in and around their "in-group" responsibilities. So what is Ant insinuating with the word "solo" and to what end? - questions that would persist until his very next log-in on Twitter.


On January 12th (yesterday), Ant clarified his stance by adding a prefixation to the original memo, this time insinuating that he'd "left the group," without adding any context or a reason for his departure. Those who follow his career closely have certainly remarked on his frequent usage of the second alias "YG Addie" which in some way speaks to his innate "independent streak," and possibly an impulse to break away from the group dynamic. 

Not to mention, YG Addie as he likes to be called, leads another group on the side, the Marino Gang outfit, which counts Benji Blue & LuLu P as its chartered members. So, even if the A$AP camp is ridden with turmoil, A$AP Ant is certain to land squarely on his feet, either under the presumption of his YG Addie alias, or something new altogether. We'll keep you updated on this story the moment all the details come to light.