While earlier in the day we were hit with the tragic news of A$AP Yams passing, A$AP Ant talked with Vlad TV, explaining that people shouldn't feel sad. 

"It's crazy, my grandfather just passed, that shit fucked my head up. But Yams, he wouldn't want nobody to feel sorry for him. He'd want niggas to live it up for him. Throw a party for him or something like that. Smile for him"

When it was mentioned there was no cause of death, Ant immediately shot down rumors of a drug overdose

"I just want to clear it up for real, for real. It ain't no overdose. People stop saying overdose, cuz that's not what it is. People keep talking about he overdosed off Xanax or whatever and lean...no. That's not what happened,"


[Update: Joey Fatts Denies Overdose Rumors Too]

After A$AP Ant spoke out yesterday against rumors that A$AP Yams had died of an overdose, A$AP affiliate Joey Fatts has now echoed his words in a new tweet. Citing Yams' sleep apnea as a possible cause of death, he wrote: