Fresh off his 1st birthday at Miami’s Club LIV little Asahd Khaled has now graced us with his presence for Paper Magazine's Winter 2017 issue.

The young stunner whose father, DJ Khaled, has done quite the job at publicly praising his son poses for the magazine rocking a number of looks next to a mini Rolls-Royce. A license plate reads "BOSS" - would you expect anything else? Other pictures see him wearing a turquoise Jordan Brand sweatsuit, a blue suede tuxedo from Terrell Jones, and a Gucci tracksuit.

This past weekend DJ Khaled celebrated his own birthday where he shared a heartfelt message to Instagram that gave thanks to his fans, family and most importantly his son. "It's my B DAY !!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS THE GREATEST!! THANK YOU GOD FOR MY SON ! MY FAMLIY ! FRIENDS ! AND MY TEAM," he said, adding a special shout out to his supporters: "MY FAN LUV!!! GOD IM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU ! IM AM SO BLESSED ! GOD I LOVE YOU ! THANK YOU !!! #GRATEFUL 🙏🏽🔑 I WILl NEVER STOP!!!!!!!! LETS WIN MORE ! MORE BLESSINGS !! ALL PRAISE THE MOST HIGH! #WeTheBest"

Check out all of Asahd's Paper Magazine looks below.