Reebok has partnered with Boston-based Artists for Humanity, a pioneering program that enables social change for under-resourced youth, affording four teens the opportunity to design limited edition sneakers via a unique mentorship program.

Today, Reebok and AFH have unveiled three designs that are the result of this enterprising partnership, featuring the Reebok Classic Leather, Reebok 80s Club C, and Reebok Workout Plus.

Check out the inspiration behind each design, via Reebok,


Reebok Classic Leather: Jonathan Vergara created a geographically-themed Reebok Classic Leather, reflecting both the brand’s birthplace as well as the current residence – Bolton, Northwest England and Canton, Massachusetts respectively. The hand-painted Atlantic Ocean-inspired vamp separates each continent, as represented by the contour lines on the heel and toe. The ‘1405’ code on each shoe represents the height of Bolton’s highest peak, Winter Hill. New England’s Mount Washington is called out by the ‘6289’ emboss on the heel.

Reebok 80s Club C: Jonathan ‘Pineapple’ Tejeda and Kathleen ‘Kat’ Canola chose the 80s Club C tennis sneaker as their canvas. Sourcing their palette from William the Conqueror’s coat of arms, the designs feature red, blue and yellow elements complete with a Tudor Rose motif. The year ‘1066’ is stamped on the heel to represent the Battle of Hastings, which marked the beginning of the Norman Conquest of England.

Reebok Workout Plus: Thornton ‘Sparticus’ Nguyen takes off on a flight of fancy by way of the Workout Plus – a rocket ship representing life’s journey through the turbulent mists of teenage years. The ‘Struggle Clouds’ of red, orange and pink portray a fiery launch, which settles into the deep navy sole like the mysterious expanse that awaits the accelerating spacecraft.

The Artists For Humanity x Reebok collection will be released on April 7th at Reebok Classics retailers worldwide, including a celebratory launch event at Reebok Union Square in New York City.