Season 4 of Arrested Development was not especially loved by fans or critics. One of the reasons why fans of the series loved the show in the first place, was the comedic timing. The timing for season 4 was all off though, based on the actors' schedules. Instead of hilarious interactions between the Bluth family members, viewers were forced to watch episodes that only focused on one character because not everyone could film at the same time. In an effort to quell angry fans, show creator Mitch Hurwitz has come up with a solution. 

Hurwitz took to Twitter to reveal that he has "remixed" the show's fourth season. Viewers will get the remixed version this week, in celebration of Cinco de Cuatro, which is a Bluth family tradition. "The original Season four of Arrested Development on Netflix; as some of you know, experimented with a Rashomon-style of storytelling – with each episode dedicated to the adventure of one member of the Bluth family," wrote Hurwitz. "But in between season 4 and this upcoming season 5 I had time to take that Rashomon-type story and recut it – shuffling the content from 15 individualized stories into 22 interwoven stories the length of the original series." 

The remixed season 4 is called: Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences, and this time around, the Bluth family will be together in each episode.