It's becoming difficult to keep track of all of Chief Keef's offenses. Last week, he appeared in court for a speeding charge, and was arrested later that day for what has been confirmed as an outstanding trespassing charge. On top of this, he was reportedly served with yet another paternity case while in court.

The test follows a previous claim for child support made in December. Keef is awaiting an August 26 court date to settle the matter with a client who claims he is "the natural father" of a baby girl.

Furthermore, the GBE rapper has been hit with an arrest warrant in Miami, stemming from Marijuana charges he acquired during his 17th birthday celebtration last year. Keef was ordered to appear in court January 23, 2013, which was not possible, as he was serving a 2 month juvenile detention sentence at the time.

Keef allegedly admitted he was carrying marijuana to the officer at the time. “I have weed in my right front pocket,” he reportedly said, adding, “I want to be honest with you, officer.”

The car he was driving at the time had also been reported stolen, though the rapper was not held responsible as it was revealed to be an issue with the rental company and previous owner of the car.

Sosa should be okay for that charge, as long as he steers clear of the Miami area, which should be easy seeing as his license has been suspended for 18 months.

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