All jokes aside, Arnold Schwarzenegger has defied expectations for much of his life, from being an Austrian body-builder with little to no English, to becoming one of the world's biggest action stars, to the California Governor's office, the guy has never exactly been out of the limelight. His son has decided to pay tribute to his dad's legacy, with an Instagram photo that shouts out the very beginnings of his dad's career:

The pose is an homage to an identical and iconic one his dad struck back in the day, albeit with a touch more "thicc" and a dollop more sincerity. 

The duo, who had a very public and scandalous start to their relationship (Schwarzenegger's had an affair with his maid, who then got pregnant with Baena, who took her name), seem to be boding over some very Ahnold things, namely: working out and Austria. The two shouted each other out in heartfelt birthday posts: