TMZ reported on a bizarre story today involving famed movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to its reports, the actor made an appearance in South Africa for a sporting event tied to his name. The Arnold Classic Africa is an organized event which aims to host judge-affiliated sporting events for African children. While Arnold himself was one of the involved judges, he appeared in Sandton Saturday to chat it up with fans and take photos after the happening. Then, the strangest thing happened.

In the video shared, we see Arnold in a full conversation with a group of fans until suddenly, out of nowhere, appears a man. The man is seen lurching through the camera in a drop-kick motion as he strikes Schwarzenegger from behind. Immediately, the deranged individual is handled by the former Californian governor's security detail. Further reports also indicated he was later removed from the facility. 

What makes matters even more interesting is Arnold Schwarzenegger's composure through it all. Now, we're not sure if it is the years of bodybuilding and playing the bad-ass character that has made the actor evidently strong, but he does not seem slightly impacted by the stan's attack. In fact, it looks like the fan hurt himself in this ordeal. Nevertheless, it is good to know Arnold Schwarzenegger was not harmed in the process. The Terminator is clearly still within.